Remove GoGuardian and iBoss

5/26/23 - Still Working

Step 1: Add these bookmarks. To add the bookmark, triple-click the text, and drag it to the bookmarks bar.

First Bookmark:


Second Bookmark


Third Bookmark:


Fourth Bookmark:


Once you have those added to the bookmarks bar, I recommend you name them in number order. In a new tab, click the first bookmark, and once it loads, click the third bookmark. After that, rapidly press the fourth one while simultaneously rapidly pressing the refresh button. After about 5 seconds, you can stop, and you know it worked when the tab is still loading, or a "Page Unresponsive" window pops up. You have successfully disabled GoGuardian.

To disable iBoss, repeat the same steps, but instead of clicking the first bookmark in the beginning, click the second one.

If iBoss still works, follow these steps:

Log out of your Chromebook, go to the bottom left corner of your screen, and press the menu. Click the arrow by your wifi name, and select your GUEST network. Once it's on the guest network, click it again and a window should pop up. Next, scroll down, and select GOOGLE NAMESERVERS. This step is important. Once you select the google nameservers, you can save and exit, and log on, and you might have to select the guest network again, and once you do you are done.

If anything pops up with "[extension] is blocked", please contact nugg3t and I can fix it.

This is so far the most reliable way to remove them, but they will re-enable when you restart your Chromebook, so you have to repeat these steps when your Chromebook gets closed.

Sometimes it fixes itself, and just repeat the steps if it does.